Essentials for the slopes 

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Essentials for the slopes

The Vallier seen from Campets slope

We love the places we fly ...

... So we care!

We can take care of these beautiful places by reducing our waste, being wary of the risk of fire, in accordance with cultivated fields, respecting fences and being attentive to livestock. It goes without saying that the safety rules related to our practice should be followed.

... and sometimes it is at high altitude - 10 tips often cited for this case:

1 - Inquire in advance about the route
2 - Take into account your level of fitness and technical ability
3 - Take basic equipments (clothing, protection, first aid kit ...)
4 - Be cautious and aware of the weather
5 - Don't go alone
6 - Tell our friends: where are you going? When do you expect to be back?
7 - Use a guide if necessary (it can be a friend who has already flown on the slope)
8 - Markup and trails can be useful ...
9 - Know when to abandon
10 - Be able to help (respond effectively to protect, alert and rescue)

About private property

Private property

Do you fly RC gliders?

Sometimes great places to practice slope soaring are privately owned. We are very grateful to these owners that allow us to fly on their land. Do not forget that it is not because a friend was allowed to fly out here that the field is open to all RC flyers! It is mandatory to seek permission from the owner before flying. Obviously, the rules of etiquette mentioned above (and also those we forgot to mention!) apply on these slopes where we are not home territory.

You're a property owner and your property is listed here?

Please send me an email at and we can make the necessary arrangements.

RC models tolerated

Areas frequented by the public

Sometimes the authorities tolerate our RC flying in green areas, sports areas etc. These places are often crowded by an uninformed public in terms of model aviation. To preserve the permission of our practice in these areas, it is important to be there respectful, reasonable and very careful about security whilst in these areas.