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About the Webmaster...

Have we met before?

Maybe ... On RC-Groups and Vimeo, my pseudo is (as on RCS) pgts. Maybe you've heard of The Poisson, my personnal version of Le Fish, on SlopeAerobatics.com, and the SnowflaK, my personnal wood aerobatic glider inspired by the Lunak; or seen one of my videos on Planet-Soaring ...

At Laurac with The Poisson

What about me? I'm from Toulouse, in the south west of France. I was born in 1982. I learnt about RC planes with my father when I was a child, then when I was a teenager I built and flew a lot (fuel airplaines and gliders, and also 4 meters scale gliders with towing and so on...). Then I stopped for a while (lot of time in mountains, skiing and walking). In 2008, I came back to RC gliders and I was very surprised to see that in a few years, a lot of things had changed! Equipments had become lighter and better. But mainly, glider performance had greatly improved! I bought a Minij (from Aeromod) and enjoyed flying in a 4 axis way, with a glider keeping good energy whereas it is quite light... Then I discovered the wonderful Weasel... And started to try aerobatics without worrying about crashing! Missing the rudder on this amazing Weasel, I built The Poisson, inspired from Le Fish and from Monkey Swinger. Later I built the SnowflaK, a 2,5m wingspan wood scratchbuilt glider inspired by the Lunak.

Why RC-SlopeS?

Once again enjoying RC gliders, as everyone does now I used the web to find videos of gliders. I also used it to find slopes to practice on. I found some websites dedicated to this, but they were far from using all the possibilities of the web. For example creating links between a slope, the weather at the slope, and videos at this slope should be easy! At the same time I wondered about learning how to make websites... So I tried to make something. It was in French only, and a few people enjoyed it.
Then I decided to continue.
Now the purpose of RC-SlopeS is also to be an easy way of sharing and finding videos about RC-Gliders, with the page 'look for a video', which will take into account more parameters in less time.

What next?

I still have a lot of ideas for RC-SlopeS. Sometimes I work a little to improve it. Here are a few projects I have for RCS:

RCS for mobile devices.

Preparing a light version of RCS for mobile devices, and only using it as a GPS, when driving car or when walking.


Found a super slope and want to know how many time to get there? This should be possible on RCS.

How to land on this slope?

Google Maps also allows us to draw lines on the map. I would like to use this to be able to share how to land, since sometimes it is an important thing to know...

I hope you will enjoy share videos and sites on RC-SlopeS. RC glider is also about wonderful landscapes and about the beauty of our planet... The dream must continue!

Happy flying!

Stéphane At Pouech de Gérac with my Minij